Foot and Ankle

This exercise is great for actively engaging your anterior muscles in order to disengage your posterior muscles that commonly attribute to pain in your Achilles and foot such as plantar fasciitis.
Ankle sprains aren't anything to take lightly. They generally take +6 months to feel "normal" again and often times much longer than that before they are actually 100%. This banded exercise helps to build the trust back in your peroneus/fibularis muscles (all three of them)!

Strengthening your foot and ankle builds a better foundation for the rest of your body. If you have plantar fasciitis, dropped arches, sprained ankles, Achilles pain, or just pain in your feet - these are the exercises for you!

Forefoot pronation isn't always a bad thing! Often times when we assess a squat or gait pattern, we see someone walking on the outside of their foot. Outside, meaning their pinky-toe side. This makes an unstable foundation of the foot as if you were walking on ice skates!