My thoracic Mobility "Go-To" exercises are super easy to do daily and quick. Even a brief 3 reps per side of each of these exercises DAILY has been a huge help for not only my pain and tightness but even my golf swing!
This little tool from Trigger Point Therapy is AMAZING! Use it as a foam roller with the blocks or take it off and use it as a mobility stick! Best part is that all of the little rollers are removable so the whole stick is customizable!
The popliteus is a tiny little muscle that can often times be over-called-upon by the brain to flex the knee. Yes, that is ONE of the actions of this muscle, but it is not the best muscle for that job! When this happens chronically, the popliteus becomes a little angry and needs some mobility or "release."

The difference between mobility and flexibility is the power of control you have over that range of motion. Building mobility in your body helps alleviate a plethora of aches and pains we feel on a day-to-day basis.

Good Vibrations - Marky Mark was onto something here. . Vibration foam rollers have been around for a while now but recently have started to take off in the mainstream. But why? What do they do?

These couple exercises are a great start to progressively loading your elbow muscles if they're suffering from tendinitis or tendinosis. . By engaging the musculature in an isometric and eccentric manner, were able to load the tissue without pain and thus remodel the musculature and tendons as necessary. .
Sometimes all you need to do is roll around on the floor and move with intent. Give this quick little movement challenge a try and let us know in the comments how it goes for you! As always; visit our website at for all your chiropractic care needs!
In an attempt to stick to my philosophy of "Fix the Why" - sometimes it isn't the fault of your low back or neck for why your low back or neck hurt! If your mid spine (your thoracic spine) is rigid into a flexed position that forces your more mobile areas like your low back and neck to compensate.