Did you know that Dr. Reid is an Instructor with RockTape?!

Yep! You heard that right!


Dr. Reid has been working among the crew at RockTape for a while but officially started his teaching foray earlier this fall. This opportunity to teach with THEE leading movement company allows Dr. Reid to keep up to date on the best way to utilize RockTape, RockFloss, RockPods, RockFlex, and SO much more.

Go back and read that last paragraph once. Notice how I wrote that RockTape is a MOVEMENT Company? That’s right! They prefer to represent themselves as a movement company that just so happens to dabble in the kinesiology tape world. Ultimately, the reason we use tape, floss, pods, etc. is to make you MOVE better! And when you move better you have less pain. Simple as that!

Teaching for such an awesome company has its MAJOR perks like getting to work alongside some amazing PTs, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Athletic Trainers too! All of these professions are in the same business - helping people achieve their goals. So why is there such a barrier most of the time between them? Who knows! We love breaking down that barrier and trusting one another to do what they’re best at. This helps Dr. Reid big time in knowing when to refer you out to someone else who might be able to take care of you best.

The only downside to teaching so much is the travel. Yeah, I said it! Travel stinks! It might be nice to go to Georgia, Louisiana, Arizona, South Dakota, Cancun, New York, Indiana, Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Utah, and many many more places.. but that means Dr. Reid has to spend time away from what he loves most. TREATING YOU GUYS! So next time you hear “Sorry, I’ll be out of town that day” when you’re scheduling your next appointment, just give him a break and know that he’s only leaving to learn more about how to treat you best!

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