Chiropractic Services Offered

At Minnesota Movement, we offer premium chiropractic and rehabilitation services.

After a New Patient Exam, where we perform a thorough assessment of what is bothering you, we work with you to create a personalized treatment program utilizing the latest evidence-based treatments.

By incorporating spinal manipulation with the various services below, our goal is to provide you with the most effective and efficient strategy possible in order to bring you from pain to performance and achieve a healthier, happier life.

We believe it is so crucial to find and address WHY the pain or issue is there in the first place and then go after WHAT the pain or issue is doing to your life.


Chiropractic Care

We offer a full range of chiropractic care, from diversified gentle adjusting methods to utilizing a drop table and at home therapies to improve and refine movement and posture.

We put safety first and practice conscientious, patient-centered care. We understand that patients have different physical experiences and limitations, and we work with each person individually to find the method that's right for them.

Our Chiropractic sessions can be 20, 40, or 60 minutes in duration depending on what other services are warranted to aid in building stability, mobility, decrease pain, or increase performance for you.



Sports Injury Prehab/Rehabilitation

More often than not, it is more important to “Prehab” to reduce risk of injury before it happens compared to Rehab afterwards. We offer Prehab/Rehab sessions as a stand-alone session but also build it into a standard 20/40/60 minute Chiropractic Session when warranted.

Rehabilitation helps people affected by injury, illness or disability through quality movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and life-style advice. It has been shown that these sessions not only decrease pain, but greatly increase athletic/life performance.

Manual Muscle Therapy

Tight and achy muscles respond well to Manual Muscle Therapy. By using Pin-and-Stretch, Transverse Friction Methods, or use of Instrument Assisted Tools like RockBlades or Graston Tools; we are able to trigger the nervous system to calm down these muscles and therefore decrease pain sensation within them.
These methods are very gentle and will never exceed the patient’s pain threshold. The old strategy of “no pain, no gain” is thrown out the window and replaced with new evidence-based methods. This means no bruising after treatments!



Kinesiology Tape / RockTape

Otherwise known as KT Tape, this tape stretches in order to not limit your movement.

Uses of the tape range from decreasing bruises/edema/swelling, restoring proper posture, and decompressing fascial layers to decrease pain.

Our Dr. Reid is an instructor for the RockTape company and hence knows how to use the product efficiently to help restore your quality of movement.

Cupping / RockPods

Decompression of the layers of our skin and fascia can be done via cupping therapy. Here at Minnesota Movement we use RockPods which are silicone plunger-like cups that gently lift the skin. By bringing blood flow to the skin, fascia, and muscle - stimulating toxin release and healing as well as promoting tissue glide - we are able to increase your recovery rate.



Nutritional Supplementation

Common symptoms and issues can be traced back to improper or poor nutrition. We believe the kitchen should supply you with adequate nutritional content; but sometimes that’s just not possible. Whether you’re looking for recovery after a workout, daily vitamin supplementation, detoxification, or anything in-between; we have access to a plethora of Nutritional Supplements from the highest quality companies like Nutridyn, Thorne, Further Food, and Standard Process.

Custom Orthotics

We love looking at the foundation of our patients - that being the feet.

We can’t build a sky scraper on a bad foundation. Likewise, we can’t build great movement on a bad foundation either!

When talking custom orthotics we LOVE to accentuate the ‘custom’ part of that. These are for YOU. Not a cookie-cutter or generic orthotic. This process of finding the right fit starts with a pedograph which shows us where you put pressure into the ground as you step. Then, we address what can be fixed by you and where you need some help with an orthotic.

After that, we order the correct orthotic for you and retro-fit it with custom cork inserts that are hand made specifically to what the pedograph says.