Chiropractic Care for Golfer’s Elbow and Elbow Tendonitis


Symptoms of Elbow Tendonitis:

  • Pain and tenderness. Usually felt on the inner side of your elbow, the pain may even extend along the inner side of your forearm and potentially into your hand. Pain typically worsens with certain movements.

  • Stiffness. Your elbow may feel stiff, and making a fist might hurt at the elbow.

  • Weakness. You may have weakness in your hands and wrists - especially with grip.

  • Numbness or tingling. These sensations might radiate into one or more fingers — usually the ring and little fingers.

Golf isn’t the only cause of Elbow Tendonitis - carpenters who hammer nails all day long, desk workers who type constantly, and even stay at home moms who have a 7 month old on their hip all day long can suffer from elbow tendonitis.

Classically, Golfer’s Elbow occurs on the inside of the elbow whereas Tennis elbow calls the lateral elbow it’s home.

The muscles in your forearms that attach to your elbow actually have very little to do with the movement at your elbow. Instead, they run all the way down to your wrist and hand to effect the movement there. Thus, when people repetitively over-use their hands we see elbow tendinitis due to the inflammation around the attachment at the elbow.

Chiropractic Treatments for Golfer’s Elbow:

  • Transverse Friction Massage

  • Eccentric and Isometric Corrective Exercises to load the tissue

  • Cryotherapy

  • Manual Muscle Therapy

  • Active Release Technique

  • RockFloss Compression Floss Therapy

  • RockTape Kinesiology Tape