Low Back Pain

Running is pretty straight forward. I mean, it's mostly in the sagittal plane - so our mechanics should reflect that. . Check your gait and if this applies to you - give this one a shot before you take off for your next run. Three sets of a million.
Pardon the guest host, Pete and the raspy voice for a minute. Say what you want, the dead bug still has its place as staple core exercise. This isometric variation limits the ranges of motion of arms and legs that might cause a dead bug to be painful.
Learn how to touch your toes! Oftentimes, "tight hamstrings" aren't tight at all and stretching them further isn't the answer. Sometimes your brain doesn't "trust" your body to go down any further so it locks up your hamstrings. To build this trust back we can activate our core using pattern assistance.

Bulging discs, herniated discs, sciatica, radiculopathy, facet syndrome, or just general achy low back pain - these are the exercises for you.

My thoracic Mobility "Go-To" exercises are super easy to do daily and quick. Even a brief 3 reps per side of each of these exercises DAILY has been a huge help for not only my pain and tightness but even my golf swing!
I know, I know, I know. Dead Bugs are boring. I agree! That doesn't change how awesome they are for helping engage a neutral core though! Why I like this variation is because it helps to depress the rib cage - a common fault with most dead bugs that I see people doing.