Watch the series of postural videos in this playlist to help address some of the most common issues that we see from those who sit all day. Whether you suffer from upper back and neck tightness, headaches, or all out pain and stiffness - it can be stemming from your posture throughout the day!
If I say the word "posture" my patients immediately sit up as straight as they can. However, most of that extension is coming from the lumbar hyperlordosis and not from the T spine. As a society we NEED more extension in our thoracic spine in order to not make that "good posture" feel like it's forced.
Do you sit all day? Do you have "bad posture?" Here's a quick way that you can actually exercise while you sit! Training your core to hold you down so that your low back doesn't have to is key to preventing and helping low back pain during or after sitting for long periods of time.

We get it, your shoulders are tight and achy and headaches pin you down 3 days a week. These exercises will help!

Of the billions of scapular exercises, this is one that takes very little (zero) equipment and when done with QUALITY movement can cue for much better tilting of the shoulder blade through overhead movements. . Watch the video as you do this one.
Brugger's Relief Position is something that EVERYONE who sits at a desk too long can utilize. By retracting and depressing your scapulae, you put your shoulder at a more advantageous position to move better! Oh, and no more sore achy upper traps too! Grab a band and put it on your desk.
Get those shoulder blades down and back! It's important with these Y's and T's that you are NOT feeling like you're shrugging your shoulder up to your ear. The muscles that we're focusing on should be retracting and depressing that scapula. Record yourself or have someone watch to make sure you're doing it properly!