Most shoulder impingement cases are due to Biceps Tendonitis/tendonosis, which causes pain and clicking in the front of your shoulder. This pain is especially bad when doing overhead movements like swimming or CrossFit/lifting exercises. To address this; we need to eccentrically unload that biceps tissue in order to continue through normal ranges of motion but WITHOUT pain!
Get those shoulder blades down and back! It's important with these Y's and T's that you are NOT feeling like you're shrugging your shoulder up to your ear. The muscles that we're focusing on should be retracting and depressing that scapula. Record yourself or have someone watch to make sure you're doing it properly!

Whether you have shoulder impingement, biceps tendonitis, torn rotator cuff, bursitis, or just general shoulder pain - these exercises will help.

Brugger's Relief Position is something that EVERYONE who sits at a desk too long can utilize. By retracting and depressing your scapulae, you put your shoulder at a more advantageous position to move better! Oh, and no more sore achy upper traps too! Grab a band and put it on your desk.