Massage AND Chiropractic

In case you were wondering - Yes, we have massage therapy here at Minnesota Movement!

Okay, now that’s out of the way..

We get many questions in regards to the benefits of seeking massage therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care. Those questions are what we want to answer today!

Does it matter who I see first?
It’s not just by happenstance that you usually see a massage therapist in most chiropractic clinics - there are GREAT results from seeing both! Whether you get your massage first or second though, that’s a big question. Generally, most clients enjoy getting their massage first because it relaxes them before getting adjusted. This is especially convenient for those who have LOTS of chronic ‘tightness.’ However, some people like getting adjusted and worked on by their chiropractor first before they go enjoy a nice relaxing massage. “Okay, so you just said that both are okay?” YEP! Essentially what it comes down to is YOUR preference. Try a massage first. Don’t enjoy that as much as you thought? That’s fine! Try it after your chiropractic care next time!

Does a Massage Therapist work on the same areas that we focus on in our Chiropractic Session?
YES! Or at least that’s a possibility. Kristine, our wonderful massage therapist, works in direct contact with Dr. Reid regarding your diagnosis and condition. She’s also trained to work as a standalone therapist based off of your needs and wants. So let’s say you have chronic low back tenderness and tightness. Kristine will work through the associated tissues to get them relaxed and primed before you go see Dr. Reid to get adjusted for more optimal bone alignment. So that brings us to our next frequently asked question..

What’s the difference between a Massage and Manual Muscle Therapy?
Not that much! A massage session is 30/60/90 minutes of relaxation both specifically and globally for muscle tightness and tenderness. Manual Muscle Therapy consists of 5-10 minutes of generally specific tissue work on areas that either need decreased tone OR increased activity. The real difference lies in time spent with the provider and which provider you’re seeing.

What are some of the benefits of receiving both Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care?
- Faster Recovery from muscle soreness
- Increased Blood Flow to specific areas
This increases oxygen concentration to promote healing and has shown to prevent future injuries too!
- Overall relaxation and decreased stress
- Increased Immune System Support
- Decreased Pain and Ache
- Better Sleep!

Next time you schedule your appointment, ask about combining it with either Massage or Chiropractic while you’re here!