Changing the way you get Chiropractic Care

Our new clinic is officially open and beginning to feel a little more like home every day! As you read this and view the photos attached, you’ll notice that Minnesota Movement isn’t your standard chiropractic clinic. We designed our space with more of a ‘gym feel’ on purpose!


We needed space to MOVE. (No, not just for Dr. Reid’s ADHD ways) We needed open area to do rehabilitation and corrective movement strategies so that we can better help our patients and clients be their own change and make themselves get better. And now that’s exactly what we have.

Not only do we have more than 300 square feet of awesome rubber flooring but also a treadmill to assess gaits both for walking as well as running, various weights and resistance bands for performing movements, and even a hitting mat for golfers to take practice swings!


All of this ‘new-ness’ has one goal; to get you moving better faster and keep you moving better longer. We will always strive to keep your goals in mind and include YOU in your care here at Minnesota Movement. This ‘patient-centered’ strategy puts some responsibility on you, but we assure you it is the best way to achieve living pain free.


So what are you waiting for? Go to and get on our schedule today! You’ve got this! We can help.